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Wagering & Race Condition.

Type of wagering available in the race. Race condition describes the factors by which a horse is qualified to race.

Past Performance Charts.

The past six races of each horse: Dates, conditions, fractions, post positions, finishes, times, odds, opponents, records.

Horse Number
& Morning Line.

The morning line is the odds assigned to a horse by a track official. These odds will changes as the race is wagered; check infield tote board or TV monitors.

Trainer & Driver.

Current driver and trainer and their winning percentrages, plus horse’s age and owner information.

Trackman’s Selections.

Our expert handicaps every racep those selections are found at the bottom of each race page in your program.

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Handicapping Tools

Winning at a Glance!

Driver’s and trainers’ records.

Don’t just consider the horse; check the records of the trainers and drivers. Refer to the up to date standings in the program. The top, experienced drivers sometimes outsmart the others and win many of the races. Always watch for positive driver and trainer changes.

Who’s hot.
who’s not.

Drivers have streaks, like any other athlete. This feature lists the top ten hottest drivers in winning percentage and those that are not doing so well.

at a glance.

This feature, found in the beginning of the program, is a computer-generated statistical analysis of each race.

Winning post positions.

Post positions are genrally drawn at random when a racing card is put together a few days before the races. Horses nearest the rail have less ground to cover and are usually able to gain good eearly position. Consult the post position statistics near the front of your program.

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Simple Racing Terms

Minimum Wager

For all wagers except superfectas, the minimum wager is $1 & increases in $1 increments. Superfectas are available in 10¢ increments.


2-1 are small odds. 50-1 is a long shot. The bigger the odds, the bigger the payoff. It’s all based on actual betting.


Pick the horse that will come in 1st.


Your horse may come in 1st or 2nd to collect.


Your horse may come in 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

Daily Double

Pick the winners of the first tow races. IN the “late” daily double, you pick the winners of the last two races on the card.


Pick the 2 horses that will finish 1st & 2nd, in that order.


Pick the 3 horses that will finish 1st & 2nd, in the order.


A potentially lucrative long shot, pick the 4 horse that will finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th, in that order.

Pick 3

Pick the winners of 3 consecutive races.

Pick 4

Pick the winners of 4 consecutive races.

Pick 5

Pick the winners of 5 consecutive races.

Tote Board

The big display in the middle of the track tells all the odds and results of each race. Odds are also displayed on television screens.

Ready to Take the Plunge?

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Test the Waters

Test the waters with small bets. The thrill of winning is just as exciting, even if you only win a little bit.

Call Out Your Bets

Name of track, race number, amount you wish to bet, bet type & number of horse. Hence, “On Northfield’s eighth race, $2 to win on Number 5.”