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Planning a group trip? Whether it's a trip to Cedar Point or to the surrounding area, a trip with more than a few people can take more pre-planning and logistics than any solo adventure.


It can be quite exhausting to come up with a new youth group program. It's even harder trying to be creative with how you run your youth group gathering so it remains fresh & engaging. We can help!


Many schools throw a prom after party that starts just as prom ends. To entice all the prom-goers into showing up, the entertainment had better be appealing. The more variety your event has, the broader its appeal will be. Think big and you could throw a party that’s bigger than prom itself!

Bowling & Lazer Tag Parties

We Knead the Dough

2 Hours of Glitter Glow Bowling, Pizza & Dessert Pizza

Bowl & Rock Around the Cluck

2 Hours of Glitter Glow Bowling, Flavored Chicken Wings (BBQ, Mild & Garlic), Celery Tray w/ Bleu Cheese & Ranch Dips

1 Potato, 2 Potato, 3 Potato, 4

2 Hours of Glitter Glow Bowling, Potato Skins w/ assorted Toppings, Jo Jo Potatoes, Homemade Potato Chips, Fries

Great Balls of Fire

2 Hours of Glitter Glow Bowling, Garlic Meatballs, Jalapeño Poppers, Swedish Meatballs, Sauerkraut Balls

After Prom Package Suggestions

Pizza, Bowling, Lazer Tag All Night Party

Use of Private Banquet Room w/ Dance Floor

2 Consecutive Hours of Bowling Center (beginning at 1am)

Lazer Tag (beginning at 1am)

Glitter Glow Bowling Spectacular w/ Laser Light Sound Show featuring music

Pizza & Soda

Complimentary Coffee Service for Chaperones

Registration Desk for Student Check-in

Lock In Services

Guaranteed Safe & Memorable Event!